We, China Musical Instruments Center Co., Ltd., is a corporation formed of a group of Chinese manufacturers specialized and experienced in one or more types of musical instruments or accessories. Our website here is maintained to provide the foreign importers of made-in-China musical instruments with a large happy one-stop purchasing center. As a consolidated marketing company of our member manufacturers, we are able to serve our foreign customers better than each of our member manufacturers can do alone. Some of the obvious benefits for the foreign importers to purchase here include:
1 The most complete ready selection of the best quality at each price level, which saves the purchasing importers a tremendous amount of vendor research work that would be necessary otherwise;

2 The lowest prices for the same quality and terms as the individual manufacturers or trading companies not belonging to our group can offer;

3 The shortest lead time for orders of any quantity and of any urgency because our member manufacturers are obliged to give priority to orders from the group corporation;

4 The most reliable order taking, production scheduling and monitoring, and export processing and shipping by our detail-oriented staff who each has years of successful experience;

5 The strongest solid guarantee that the foreign importers’ claims, if any, will be appropriately honored in accordance with their contracts with us simply because we have more resources and incentives to do it than the smaller individual manufacturers.
Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have, and feel confident trusting your purchasing needs with us!